Solar Center is a full-service solar panel installation company servicing local businesses and homeowners throughout Southern California. Committed to helping our customers save money, increase property value and improve the environment by attaining energy independence, we are prepared to help anyone interested in going solar make the switch smoothly and successfully. Are you ready to go solar in California? With a team of certified engineers and professionals and the most technologically advanced solar panels on the planet, Solar Center is here to meet your solar needs.

Our Mission

All of the services we provide at Solar Center
are centered on our customers. We are intent upon delivering the highest
quality services, products and customer support possible, and have demonstrated
that we are consistently able to satisfy the local business owners and
homeowners we serve. Whether it is a residential or commercial project, our
mission remains the same:

*Help our customer protect themselves against rising energy costs
*Provide the most relevant and advanced energy solutions available
*Employ in-house technical expertise capable of delivering turnkey solutions to clients
*Stand behind our offerings with strong warranties and the infrastructure to provide      trustworthy customer support

Why should Solar Center be your first choice?

  • On average our customers save $34,260 over 20 years or $34,260 over a lifetime

  • We have completed over 2,000 solar system installations for residential and commercial customers

  • Our SunPower panels are used by some of the largest companies including Walmart, Edison, Microsoft, FedEx, Target, Toyota, Macy's, hp, Apple and more

  • Since Solar Center started we have added up to $86,649,287 in property value to people's homes and businesses

  • Our company has already installed over 176,156 solar panels

  • We seek to empower the lives of others and enriching the quality of their lives by transforming the environment

  • Our team strives to benefit families and business owners personally,professionally, and financially

  • *Our technical and mechanical experts are all employed in-house

  • We work to make the switch to solar easier so that you are not bogged down with rising energy costs

  • We make sure that our clients understand how solar works and we are able to answer any questions or concerns

  • Here at Solar Center we are prepared to meet all your solar needs

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Elaine Murphy